Galentines – My top 5 Mum Bloggers

Life quotes To celebrate Valentine’s Day, I must share with you some Mummy Bloggers who I admire and love their style of blog. Having an online presence is very time consuming and there is a lot of hard work that goes on behind the scenes that people do not see.

I often look to other accounts for inspiration and have a great support network of empowering females, who are the driving force behind my success.

In no particular order, here are my top 5:

Brummy Mummy of 2

Brummy Mummy of Two Mum Blogger

I actually met Brummy Mummy Emma Conway at Blogon, well I say met but I accosted her as my friend couldn’t make it and she really wanted to meet her. So I asked if she could face time her and they could unofficially meet, she said yes when she could have said bugger off and totally made my friends day.

Emma was also one of the speakers and spoke about her journey as an online influencer, including how to deal with trolling and staying authentic.  She inspired me to keep writing, stay in my lane and to be me, because that is enough.

Emma loves Disney and has just started a new project dedicated to her love for all things mickey, she has also just released a book! I love that she is brutally honest and how she comes across online is just as she is in real life. Im happy to tell you she is most certainly not a cat fish! Check out the brummy bab over at Brummy Mummy of Two .

Beckas Bubble

Beckas Bubble Mum Blogger

An ex drama teacher and down to earth northern lady, lover of leopard print and headbands. She blogs about family life in Yorkshire and days out in the local area. She writes from the heart and documents daily life with her two lovely children.

I love her bubbly personality, she is always positive and happy to help people out. She works in social media and is an experienced blogger, who I always get useful tips from. Check out Becka’s Bubble for yourself.

Zenas Suitcase

Zenas Suitcase travel blogger

I Love the style of Zena’s Family Travel blog and the photos make me want to travel with my family. She provides useful tips on travelling with/without kids, as well as parenting and lifestyle.

I have been reading her travel blogs to get inspiration for my own travels and I love to look for new places to visit. She also writes pieces for the Asda Living magazine! If you would like to get ideas for family trips then head over to Zena’s Suitcase.

You Baby Me Mummy

You Baby Me Mummy mum blogger

Aby is the Mamapreneur Revolution and provides access to practical advice to help build your blog and business. There are multiple free tools on her website such as the Blogging Roadmap Quiz, free checklists and planners. From designing your blog, finding your tribe, making a media kit, any help you need will be on there! 

It has inspired me to work on my blog and I need to look at my focus for the year ahead. There is also the option to join the Inner Circle, check out her website if you want to join the revolution over at You Baby Me Mummy.

Travel Mad Mum

Travel Mad Mum travel blog

A beautiful travel blog for families that like to travel and it just shows you can travel with kids and enjoy it! Currently renovating an RV to travel in and I spied the gorgeous safari wall paper on travel mad dads Instagram page.

The family are going off on their travels and at the moment the Corona Virus is a major issue and there is a blog post delicated to this epidemic! It’s nice to see practical advice from a parents perspective. For travel goals visit Travel Mad Mum.

These blogs are the ones I read and recommend, they are current and relatable. If you have any blogs you love then please share! I would love for you to nominate your own top 5 blogs.

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