Hello there and welcome to our Family Blog! I’m Gem, a fun loving wife and mum to two adventurous boys Riley and Myles. I am a lawyer from Yorkshire, if you hadn’t already guessed given the name, not to be confused with mum slayer as someone once asked me.

Documenting our life as a family of 4 in our Yorkshire home Wildflower Cottage, we love countryside living and being outdoors. Raising our two boys is a challenge with one being the calm and the other the storm but they both love the beach and road trips. Our favourite place is Cornwall, having took both boys as babies, Riley loves to body board and Myles loves boat tripping. It’s somewhere that has our heart and feels like home to us.

We love family days out and travels, having ventured to destinations such as South Africa, America, Maldives and many UK destinations. Hopefully our travels will inspire you to take your own! Where to next is always the question.

Just for fun, here’s 10 facts about me:

1. I love karaoke 🎤

2. I used to be in the Military Wives Choir

3. I have performed live on ‘This Morning’

4. My favourite Food is Chinese 🐲

5. My surname is Italian and means fish 🐟

6. I am an inspirational women in law ⚖️

7. My beauty spot is the same as Marilyn’s

8. I won a beauty pageant in Tunisia 🇹🇳

9. I met my hubby on holiday in Turkey 🇹🇷

10. My favourite film is ‘The Notebook’