3Doodler Start Essential Pen Set

*Full disclosure we were sent this set in exchange for our review but all opinions are my own

3Doodler 3D Pen Art

My son loves to draw and make things, he has an amazing imagination and is always coming home from school with drawings and cards he has made for us. He loved the idea that he could bring his ideas to life in 3D and couldn’t wait to get started.

3Doodler is an award winning 3D printing pen that melts plastic that cools and then hardens very quickly allowing you to draw and mould your creations. The starter kit is suitable for children 6+ and includes:

*3D Printing Pen

*2 mixed colour packs Start Plastic

*Micro USB charging cable

*3Doodler start activity guide

3D Doodler Pen Art Creative

I love that it uses Biodegradable Start Plastic, made entirely from food grade materials which are BPA-Free and Non-Toxic. The pen is easy to use and the activity guide provides examples of what you could draw and it’s good to use this as practice. I even had a go, I was a bit shaky at first but I found it quite therapeutic.

Drawing 3D pen

Are you even a parent if you don’t worry about the mess when your child asks to do some arts and crafts, thanks to the 3Doodler you can doodle on most materials without any damage and it adheres firmly to clear plastics. It isn’t just a drawing pen, it is a learning toy that will inspire your child to get creative and come up with their own designs and ideas.

How does the 3Doodler work?

It’s not as complex as you might think, all you have to do is choose a strand of plastic and feed it into the top of the pen. The LED light on the pen turns green when its ready, you then press the orange button and the plastic strand that has melted will come out of the pen to create your masterpiece.

Father son drawing 3D

Honest opinions

When you first use the pen it is strange that you can draw and mould what ever you wish, but once you fixate yourself on a drawing it gets obsessive. My husband and I also had a go and I have to say he has the best artistic skills but I didn’t struggle. My son loved it but was scared to try it at first as he didn’t want to go wrong, you have to mould your design pretty quick before it dries but the templates help you make shapes. It was nice that we all did it together as a family and I’m looking forward to seeing my son use it more.

Father son 3D drawing

The plastic strands do go down pretty quickly so I would like to see more in the starter pack to make it better value for money. Maybe a couple of practice strands before you create the real deal as it’s good to have a play around first and get used to the speed of the pen.

If you head over to 3doodler.com you will find stencils and tutorials to help with those creative decisions. There is also an App that lets you use your mobile phone or tablet as a canvas.

Where to buy

There are a few places you can buy 3Doodler Start Essentials Pen but I looked in Smyths and it is currently £35.99. I still feel It is good value for the kit that is included, it is a unique concept and good for children to be creative.

Useful info

*Wireless use for 45 minutes/ hour (Charges in 1-2 hours)

*Batteries required: 1 x Lithium Polymer (included)

All round perfect gift for a child who loves to draw and watch their drawings come to life. Ideal Christmas present 🎁

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