Action Man ~ timeless gift for Father’s Day

Action Man played a big part in my husbands childhood and he became a real life action man in the army, something which my son and I are super proud of him for. So it was only appropriate that his childhood Action Man toys were passed down from father to son (yes we have originals ~ I love a good hand me down).

What better gift for Father’s Day than the Timeless Action Man range, perfect for a stroll down memory lane and making new memories. Just like the original and packaged the same, we have the originals to compare and I can confirm they are very authentic. The range includes a 30cm Sailor, Soldier and Pilot in Single figure packs with a selling retail price of £14.99. You can also purchase a deluxe pack for £24.99 which includes additional accessories. Given how retro Action Man has become, I think the prices accurately reflect the quality of the brand.

We received the soldier and pilot for review, both of which come with signature Action Man dog tags and scar (got to keep the action real). The soldier Action man was the boys favourite, for obvious reasons as stated above. He comes dressed in desert camo uniform, matched with boots and a beret. Safe to say he was doing the army crawl on the beach, thanks to my sons imagination. The pilot is dressed in a neon orange flight suit with a safety helmet, no flights going out any time soon only beach walks and swimming.

We took the Action Man figures to the beach, where they enjoyed a spot of rock climbing and taking cover from the enemy in the sand. The possibilities are endless when your imagination is allowed to run free and wild. The only thing I’m disappointed in is the appearance, when you compare them to the originals who are hunks of men with bulging muscles the new figures look like older men (not sure if they are suppose to be like this given its a timeless range!). The boys never noticed this difference but thought I should point out my added value!

Such a great gift for dads but also doubles up as a toy for the kids, keeping everyone happy. Perfect idea for a Father’s Day gift, if you would like to find out more, please click here.

*In order to be transparent these toys were gifted in exchange for a review, all opinions and views are my own.

Thank you for reading, Gemma Life of A Mumsy Lawyer

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