Joie Kubbie Sleep

A couple of months ago I was sent the Joie Kubbie Sleep to review as part of Emma’s Diary Parent Panel. If you haven’t heard of the Kubbie, it’s a bedside travel cot, I have used it on various nights away to provide you with a detailed honest review.

In my opinion the main feature is that it’s easy to carry and pops up and down in no time at all, it’s clear why Joie refer to it as a ‘handy travel mate’. Im not the strongest person and I managed to carry it up and down stairs on my own with ease. It also folds compactly into a tidy travel bag, perfect for travelling and when storing it away.

The first time I used it was when we travelled down south for the baby show in London, I must admit my husband set it up and I played no part, therefore I couldn’t tell you if it was easy to assemble but it looked like it was a breeze for him. We placed the cot next to the bed and lowered the side panel for side by side sleeping. I had the important job of putting on the cot sheet and getting Myles to sleep. I was a little worried he might not sleep as well as he normally does as this was a new environment for him and a strange place. However, my reservations were short lived as he slept all night from 9pm-7am, parenting win!

I recently attended a Mum and Baby Retreat ‘Breathe With Baby’ and I took the Kubbie with me. I’m not the most technical person and I didn’t read the instructions (I never learn) but the cot was up in no time at all. I literally clipped all the sides together to join, pushed the central part down, put the connecting bars under the mattress and placed it in the cot. I wish I had timed myself, it took me no longer than 1-2 minutes to set it up, I was slightly smug I’d managed to do it without the help of google.

Myles slept in it for two nights and looked so cosy, his sleep was a bit disturbed but this was down to teething and the fact he had a two hour danger nap in the day. I was worried about taking it down but it came down without a fight or a swear word and I managed to fit it compactly back into the tidy travel bag so that was positive.

The key features of the Kubbie are that it is simple but stylish, it has a removal bassinet and mattress and it can double up as a playpen. Myles is a bit young to use it for playing but as he gets older I will definitely use this feature so he can play in a safe environment while I get some fun jobs done like folding the washing or ironing (just kidding I don’t iron!).

The Kubbie retails at £99.00 and includes a Carry bag, Mattress and Removable bassinet. It can be purchased directly from Joie or other various retailers. If you would like further information please click here.

*In order to be transparent the Kubbie was gifted in exchange for a authentic and honest review.

Thank you for taking the time to read my review.

Gem, Life of a Mumsy Lawyer

13 thoughts on “Joie Kubbie Sleep

  1. This looks like a fab travel cot. They really come in handy don’t they. The one I had for mine was so heavy to carry, and this spoilt it a bit. This one looks much better in terms of heaviness and ease of putting up!

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  2. Alexandra Cook 13th May 2019 — 4:00 am

    This is something that my sister really needs. Looks so handy and perfevt for her travel.

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  3. We have a Joie too with the basinette level and it’s been a godsend, so much bigger than most travel cots

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  4. Oh wow! This looks amazing! And the colour grey is perfect for me I’m obsessed 😂❤️

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  5. What a lovely travel cot. I love the bassinet option. I hated having to bend really far over to lay my two down. X

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  6. This looks a great travel cot. We’ve never needed one at home but have been using one on holiday for a few years now. Poppy is now 3 so will be her first year of being in a big bed. She’s always slept really well in one and I love how easy like this one they are to assemble and collapse.

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  7. This looks really good and it’s nice it’s so easy to assemble. I used to get in a right old knot with travel cots. We could have done with this when our twins were small

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  8. This looks like a lovely travel cot and it’s so good you can actually carry it. We had one but it was super heavy.

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  9. Oo I like the removeable bassinet, which is something you don’t see very often in travel cots!

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  10. My two have long since passed their cot day, but this looks like a great piece of kit! Cute baby too!

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  11. I am glad that it’s easy to set up and the baby sleep well in it, one thing I don’t like is using hotel cots when we travel, this will be handy.

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  12. I absolutely hate our travel cot, it’s so heavy and such a pain to set up. This one sounds amazing though and baba looks so comfy in there!xx

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  13. Love how he can be so high up in it! Most travel cots are so low and break you back getting them in and out!

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