Reignite the Love

With Valentines Day just around the corner, I thought it would be the perfect time to reignite my love for blogging.

14 weeks ago this little beautiful human I get to call my son, entered the world. I have found being a mum to two gorgeous boys is a joy and a privilege. But all things ‘Lifeofamumsylawyer‘ took a backseat, as I temporarily became ‘mum’ and not Gemma, but that’s a blog for another time.

For my return I thought I would show you some of my gift ideas for Valentines Day. I know some people don’t celebrate it and think it is a commercial holiday, well let’s be honest it really is but you only have to get as involved as you want. You shouldn’t need Valentines Day to tell someone you love them but you can use it as a day to celebrate love.

I am a sucker for Valentines Day, love it or hate it you can’t avoid it, as it’s everywhere. I will be getting my husband and children a card to remind them how much I love and appreciate them.

Here are a few of my ideas:

1. Date Jar – Poundland £1

As new parents we don’t get to go out a lot and when we do it’s the usual ‘what do you want to do? I don’t know what do you want to do?!’

The idea of the jar is to write things you love to do as a couple for date night, then pick one to do at random.

I like this idea as sometimes if you don’t have anything specific in mind you end up doing nothing at all. I am also a control freak (also known as very organised) and like to plan everything so it’s a way for me to let go and go into the unknown.

2. You & Me Card Game – Paperchase £5

A bit of light hearted fun, how well do you know each other? The idea is you ask a question, such as ‘who is always right’ and you decide who.

There are some funny questions and I would say it can create a healthy debate, but let’s be honest if your like me it will be more argumentative! But it’s all good fun and you might be more in sync than you thought.

3. Tremo Photobook – Gifted but all opinions are my own

Turn your Instagram photos into a photobook, I love this idea as how many of us upload photos online and dont print out physical photos? I blog about my children and they are always featured in my social media. I ordered my book and started it from my pregnancy up to the last photo I have of my children to date. The book documents my birth and those precious first few months as a family of four.

It would be a good idea to order one every year and title it as the year, for you to look back at what you achieved or enjoyed in that particular year. You can also add in photos not on Instagram, if there are any photos that didn’t quite make the gram because it didn’t look aesthetically pleasing to your feed!

4. Grandeur Year Long Rose – Gifted but all opinions are my own

Can we take a moment to appreciate this beautiful royal blue colour, it is so vibrant and pretty. This rose lasts a year (yes a year!) and makes a lovely statement piece for any room. This rose would make an ideal gift for Valentines or all year round.

I am gifting this rose to my son, it’s his favourite colour and boys can receive flowers too.

I love to have flowers in my home and I’m hoping my husband will take the hint and bring some more home.

5. Children’s Valentines Tshirts – Bibblezbibs £10

Because Valentines is not just for adults, children love to get involved and it makes them feel part of the day. I ordered this tshirt as I love the print and you can personalise it with your child’s date of birth. Black and white are classic colours and you can wear it all year round.

There is a 7 year age gap between my two boys but my eldest Riley doesn’t mind matching his baby brother. I just need to get a photo of them together now, which could be challenging as they say to never work with children!

I found Bibblezbibs on instagram and I love their matching items for my boys, they sell handmade baby and toddler clothing/accessories. If you wish to purchase anything they gave me a discount code ‘GEM10’ which will give you 10% off your order.

6. Personalised Love Book – Gifted but all opinions are my own

The Love Book is the perfect gift to tell someone all the reasons why you love them, if you find it hard to express your feelings then this book does it for you. If like me you find it difficult to buy for your partner/husband then the Love Book is a perfect gesture.

It is easy to make online, you create your characters and provide some information about yourself. The book is then created and you can add/remove pages until you are happy with the flow of the book.

I’ve added a bit of humour into our book as we always joke about my husband taking 6 months to put up a few photos!


The one one thing I love about my husband is he accepts me how I am, it’s the little things that make for a loving happy relationship.


At at the back you write a Valentines message, you can be as cringe as you like and mine is probably off the cringe scale but I love him and all that he is and he should know it!

These are my top picks for Valentines 2019

Thank you for reading and remember love comes for free ❤️

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