Only Child Expiring Soon…

My first born, my son, my world, when your little brother is born you will still be all of those things.

I’m not ashamed to admit that it has crossed my mind how I could love another child as much as I love you, after 6 years of you being an only child. We have a special bond for life and I will always support and encourage your dreams. 

But as soon as I felt your baby brother move and wriggle in my tummy, I knew that I would have enough love for you both. It makes my heart melt when you touch my belly and he kicks your hand to let you know he’s there and your little face lights up. I know you will be the best big brother, you are a kind soul and everyone always comments on what a lovely well-behaved boy you are.

I hope that having to share my love doesn’t change you, I sometimes feel a hint of jealousy but you have nothing to worry about, you will be the best of friends and continue to make me proud.  

As I approach the final stages of the 3rd trimester, I am a mixed bag of hormones from feeling excited to scared. I can’t wait to meet my baby boy but I ask myself ‘how will life be with two children and ‘will I be a good mum to both of them’?  I’ve made a pact with myself to be patient and kind, even if I’ve only had a few hours’ sleep and I want five minutes to myself.

All I know is that my boys will feel loved and cherished, no matter what challenges are faced along the way. 

We are to become a family of four, so if three is a crowd then four is company. I am about to be overrun by a household of boys, but that makes me a Princess surely? I’ve accepted my life is full of outdoor adventures, dinosaurs and superhero’s. However, if someone else asks me if I’m disappointed I wasn’t expecting a girl, I might scream. Don’t get me wrong, one of each sex would be nice but a healthy baby is all I’m setting my heart on. 

All these fears will soon disappear when my baby boy is in my arms, life will never be the same again but why would I want it to be. I’m a spontaneous person so I say grab hold of life with both hands and cherish each day, you will not get this moment again, so make it count. 

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9 thoughts on “Only Child Expiring Soon…

  1. What a lovely blog to read, Riley will still have all the love he has now and more becuase his little bro will adore him. What a beautiful family you are.


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