Welcome to my Family Lifestyle Blog

I am a lawyer from Yorkshire who also likes to blog my way through life. I blog about family life, motherhood and adventures.

I have been happily married (I say happy but we bicker like crazy!) to my husband Jason for 8 years and we have two beautiful children, Riley and Myles.

I started blogging on instagram when I was pregnant with Myles and I really enjoyed it. I connected with other parents and Life of a Mumsy Lawyer quickly became a successful platform for me to review products and work with some amazing brands.

I am truly grateful to all who follow and support my little family. So thank you from the bottom of my heart to each and everyone one of you.

I decided to start a blog as it allows me to start writing again and document my honest journey of motherhood and life in general.

Just for fun, here’s 10 facts about me:

1. I love karaoke 🎤

2. I used to be in the Military Wives Choir

3. I have performed live on ‘This Morning’

4. My favourite Food is Chinese 🐲

5. My surname is Italian and means fish 🐟

6. I am an inspirational women in law ⚖️

7. My beauty spot is the same as Marilyn’s

8. I won a beauty pageant in Tunisia 🇹🇳

9. I met my hubby on holiday in Turkey 🇹🇷

10. My favourite film is ‘The Notebook’

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